A lot of my work can be found on Github.

I Open Source

Some notable projects:

  • StreamhutShare your terminal in real-time with anyone without installing anything (2019)
  • IPDRIPFS-backed Docker registry (2019)
  • CointopAn interactive terminal app for tracking cryptocurrencies in real-time (2018)
  • Ethereum Development with GoA little book on Ethereum development for Go developers (2018)
  • MerkleTree.jsA libary to construct Merkle trees and verify proofs in JavaScript (2017)
  • ETHNotaryDocument notarization on the Ethereum blockchain (2017)
  • AudioDirector.jsManage browser audio sources and playback (2017)
  • ShredbeatDesktop app that makes the audio playback react to your keyboard typing speed (2017)
  • WOSTerminal based app for sniffing unencrypting traffic in your local wireless network (2017)
  • AlexaVoiceService.jsFirst library for interacting with Alexa Voice Service in the browser (2016)
  • Hacker News SkillFirst Alexa Skills Kit app to read the top Hacker News headlines (2016)
  • mig.gsA URL shortening service with tracking and report charting (2013)

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