Posts tagged “demo”

25 Feb 2015

K-Means Clustering in JavaScript [Demo]

An example of the k-means algorithm in JavaScript.

16 Feb 2015

Naive Bayes Classifier in JavaScript [Demo]

Naive Bayes classifier implementation in JavaScript.

01 Feb 2015

Pixelate images with Canvas [Demo]

Learn how to pixelate an image with canvas.

31 Aug 2013

Screenshots with getUserMedia API [Demo]

Take webcam screenshots with the getUserMedia JavaScript API.

07 Jul 2013

Basic HTML5 Audio Manipulation [Demo]

Simple HTML5 audio controls using JavaScript.

07 Jun 2013

Slide Out Navigation using CSS3 Translate [Demo]

Facebook style slide out navigation using CSS3 Translate for the animation.

22 Jul 2012

CSS3 Filters [Demo]

Spice up the way your photos look with CSS3 filters.

11 Oct 2011

Display latest delicious bookmarks with jQuery [Demo]

Tutorial on how to display your latest Delicious bookmarks using jQuery.

24 May 2011

Make an Awesome Tooltip with jQuery [Demo]

Tutorial on how to make an simple yet awesome animated tooltip using jQuery.