Display latest delicious bookmarks with jQuery

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If you look below you see my three most recently saved bookmarks from (delicious)[http://delicious.com/miguelmota]:

    fetching bookmarks...

    First let’s create an empty unordered list with a div below it that will serve as a loader (if you want to get fancy, you can use an animated loading gif):

    <ul id="delicious-bookmarks"></ul>
    <div class="ajax-loader">fetching bookmarks...</div>

    We are using the $.getJSON() function. Let’s add our json request url and and then loop though the requested data with the $.each() function and get the title, url and date. Then we are appending a list item to our unordered list that we created earlier which will include our variables. So now after it complete the jquery, let’s remove the loader:

    	count: "3"
    		$.each(data, function(i, item){
    			var title = item.d;
    	      	var url = item.u;
    	      	var date = item.dt;
    	      	$("#delicious-bookmarks").append('<li>['+title+']('+url+') <time>'+niceTime(date)+'<time></li>');

    But hold on, if we leave it like that, the date will show in ISO-8601 standard which will look like <script>document.write(d);</script>. We want to display it as time ago so we will use James Padolsey’s “pretty-date” function. Before the $.getJSON() function, add:

    var niceTime = (function(){
    	var ints = {
    	second: 1,
    	minute: 60,
    	hour: 3600,
    	day: 86400,
    	week: 604800,
    	month: 2592000,
    	year: 31536000
    	return function(time){
    	time = +new Date(time);
    	var gap = ((+new Date()) - time) / 1000,
    	amount, measure;
    	for (var i in ints){
    	if (gap > ints[i]){ measure = i; }
    	amount = gap / ints[measure];
    	amount = gap > ints.day ? (Math.round(amount)) : Math.round(amount);
    	amount += ' ' + measure + (amount > 1 ? 's' : '') + ' ago';
    	return amount;

    Now include the date variable as the niceTime() function argument like so:

    <time class="date">'+niceTime(date)+'<time>

    Obviously replace my username with yours and that’s it!

    I know there might be better ways of doing this, if so let us know in the comments!


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