Hi, I'm Miguel Mota.

~7 years of experience doing software development, mainly dealing with full-stack web development. Some of my interests are Golang, Node.js, FRP, web audio, Python, Vim, Docker, distributed systems, software architecture, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and decentralized systems in general.

Some other tidbits about me are: love to learn — enjoy learning new things and systemizing. INTJ personality type. When there's time to spare you can find me on on StackOverflow answering questions. "Make it run, make it right, make it fast" is the general programming process I follow. Stoicism is a philosophy I live by on a daily basis (Marcus Aurelius is my favorite stoic).

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About the site

This site is built with jekyll, a static site generator in Ruby. I'll ocasionally express thoughts and findings which I find worthy of sharing.

Last updated 15 April 2018